Johnny Depp as Ozzy Osbourne?

Crazy, but that's how it'll go if Sharon Osbourne gets her way.

The Osbourne family matriarch has revealed that she and her heavy-metal hubby turned TV dad are nearing a deal with a major studio to make a biopic based on his life, and she envisions Depp in the lead role.

Just in time for Halloween, Sharon revealed the idea of a potential Wizard of Ozz project to the Hollywood Reporter.

"I wouldn't want to do a comedy film, because we're working on Ozzy's life story right now," she tells the trade paper. "We haven't signed the deal, but we're really close to closing the deal."

Sharon's also cowriting the screenplay. "I'm doing a lot of it," she says.

Although Sharon was less than forthcoming on the film's details, we're guessing the film would recall Ozzy's Black Sabbath glory days and highlight such epochal events as the time he drunkenly relieved himself on the Alamo and, of course, the infamous bat-chomping incident.

She did confirm, however, that the self-proclaimed "Prince of F--king Darkness" will definitely not be playing himself in the flick.

When asked about her ideal Ozzy, Sharon said she sees Depp in the role. (Depp's no stranger to darkly comical characters, having starred in Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow).

"He's a brilliant actor. I have a dream, but I don't know if he'll do it," she tells the Reporter. But, she adds, "Until [the deal]'s actually signed we won't be talking to anyone."

Sharon also did not disclose which studio the Osbournes are talking to, though Paramount Pictures would make the most sense. Paramount is owned by Viacom, which is also the parent company of MTV, the cable home of The Osbournes.

As previously reported, MTV will launch the highly anticipated second season of the clan's Emmy-winning reality series on November 26, just two days before Thanksgiving.

For this cycle of 10 episodes, the family--Ozzy, Sharon, wannabe music-mogul son Jack, and pink-haired punk princess Kelly--will be augmented by Robert Marcato, who appeared on the show last season and has since been "adopted" after his mom died of colon cancer last August.

Sharon's own ongoing battle with cancer will be documented on the new season, although she promises the show won't lose its sense of humor.

"We are excited to invite the world into our home for another dose of Osbourne insanity," says Sharon. "With the Osbournes you never know what you're gonna get."

To whet fans' appetites, MTV plans to air a 30-minute special on Monday that will highlight some of the Osbournes' adventures over the past few months, including Ozzy's close encounter with Queen Elizabeth and footage of burgeoning pop star Kelly riding the waves of her first hit single, her cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach."

If the Ozzy movie does get made it will be the latest notch in the rocker's multimedia belt. Aside from his albums and hugely popular Ozzfest tour, there's the TV show and two planned spinoff books. Meanwhile, Kelly's debut album, Shut Up, is not-so-coincidentally being released the same day The Osbournes returns to the air. Also coming fans' way: The first season of The Osbournes on VHS and DVD is expected to hit video stores in time for the holidays.

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