Pink Bike Collage

With the Tour de France wrapping up this Sunday, we've definitely been infected with a bit of a biking bug here at The Trend.

But while we admire the cyclists for their athletic prowess, we can't say we're too crazy about their spandex ensembles. After all, does anyone ever really look good in the unforgivingly skintight material?

And come to think of it, their state-of-the-art two-wheelers don't really suit our beach-cruising needs, nor are they really ideal for the quick bike trips we'll be making to outdoor concerts, picnics and more fun destinations all summer.

So, for those of us who are more chic than competitive, we've picked a few two-wheelers that are as practical as they are adorable, as well as fab bike-friendly outfits to match!

Check out our five cute biking looks:

"Truth be told, I'm more of a fast-paced city girl, but put me on a bike and I'll transform into a sweet Southern belle in an instant! A sweet floral sun dress pairs perfectly with this flirty pink bike, complete with a charming wicker basket. I'd pin my hair half up with a blush-colored designer hair bow, and strap on sparkly nude sandals by Chinese Laundry for a glamorous touch. And most importantly, I'd be sure to mist my body with an ultra-light sunblock to protect it from the elements." —Jennifer

Bike Outfit Collage

"I've had this blue three-speed for over a year, and ride it whenever I get a chance! I'm all about keeping it casual during my rides—more often than not, you'll find me in a pair of cut-offs, a cute button-up, safari jacket and my bright red Toms. For helmets, you simply cannot go wrong with Nutcase—they're chic, comfy and, of course, safe." —Rosemary

Bike Outfit Collage

"As a music lover, one of my favorite things about summer is the many outdoor concert series that pop up in Los Angeles during the season! But since finding a parking spot at such events can be a bit of a headache, I'll zip over in this punchy two-wheeler. A fun polka dot romper gives the appearance of a dress while still allowing me to ride comfortably, and a large floppy hat will shield me from the sun during performances. To finish the look off, I'd reach for a light denim jacket, standout sandals and a festival-friendly fringed cross-body bag." —Rose

Bike Outfit Collage, Green

"I've been eye-ing a teal bike cruiser just like this for years! It's perfect for spending sunny afternoons riding around Venice or Santa Monica. When I'm biking, I like to wear a comfy pair of shorts—these crochet ones are trendy and soft—with a top with sleeves (just in case the ocean breeze picks up) and some simple flats. Plus, I always got my Aviators on." —Cinya 

Bike Outfit Collage

"My ideal bike outfit would be monochrome cool: A simple black-and-white cruiser that I'd ride with colorful Hudson cut-offs, a fierce panther-printed tee and matching Nike Dunks that have a hint of a wedge. And I can't forget my sunnies—this charcoal Warby Parker pair should do the trick." —Nicole

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