Before you kick off the weekend by frantically baking cronuts for Daniel Radcliffe, why not take a leisurely stroll through our weekly round-up of links? Who knows, it could be your metaphorical pot pipe in a Happy Meal!


While everyone was outraged by the Zimmerman verdict, some people had more important things to do.

Dance to Backstreet Boys in front of a green screen like your probation officer isn't watching.

Guess what awaits you at Comic-Con, other than people who claim to be MENSA??

Did you see Justin Bieber's new tattoo? EYE seriously can't beliebe it. 

We finally found enough crafty candles to burn down all of Etsy.

Who is that sexily unkempt musician who worked his entire life to be on the cover of Rolling Stone?

On the show this week, we watched Sharknado and were visited by Greg Kelly:


A bumblebee gave this guy a high five, as opposed to the predictable handshake.

Aside from his limo-driver hiring process, what are JAY -Z's problems??

Is he Behind the Candelebra?? NO. Matt Damon's in Morocco.

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