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Another week has passed in the world of pop culture and what do we have to show for it? Not a royal baby, that's for sure. But there's plenty of other awesome stuff to be excited about. 

While we wait for Kate Middleton to finally pop (hopefully tomorrow, so a certain someone can win the office pool), we've rounded up the best of the best—like the women of Orange Is the New Black and Comic-Con's Jurassic Park musical—for The E! List, our 10 favorite things in pop culture this week.

Below, we've provided a little sampling of all the goodness. The rest is in the gallery.

1. BlackfishDirector Gabriela Cowperthwaite's Sundance favorite focuses on killer whales in captivity and follows Tilikum specifically, one of SeaWorld's most famous orcas, responsible for the deaths of three trainers. SeaWorld has blasted the film as "inaccurate and misleading" and the Blackfish team has responded. But decide for yourself. The film is out in select theaters today and expanding.

9. Real Life Disney Evil Queens: It's not all sunshine, smiles and Cinderellas at Disneyland. Well, not if the Evil Queen has anything to say about it. This viral video shows what happens when an 8-year-old asks one very dedicated Disney employee if she's jealous of Snow White. Afterwards, delve into a Reddit rabbit hole of more awesome encounters with the Evil Queen.

10. Anna Kendrick on Twitter: If you aren't already following her, this is what you're missing:

That last one's a bit of a #humblebrag too.

Now, make sure you go follow her and check out the gallery for our complete list.

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