Royal Baby, Duchess Catherine, Kate Middleton, Prince William

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Royal baby buzz is at an all-time high right now as the world anxiously waits for the announcement that Kate Middleton and Prince William have welcomed their first child.

But there are still a few stragglers out there who still haven't quite gotten into the spirit of all things baby.

So put down the hater-ade, sit back, and read on…

To help boost you into full-blown fandom, here are a few key reasons why the arrival of the future HRH Prince or Princess of Cambridge is the biggest event of the year.

1. This is History, Folks: William is becoming a father, Prince Charles is becoming a grandfather, it's all new and exciting stuff! It also marks the first royal birth for the family in two years. But not since Prince Harry's birth in 1984 has there been this much attention on a new bundle of joy.

2. Famous Friends Galore: There's North West, Blue Ivy Carter, Harper Beckham and more for Will and Kate to choose from for play dates with their future newborn. We're sure they'll have lots to talk about, too, like what their best camera angles are and which baby blanket they prefer.

3. And the Best Hair Goes To...: I mean, have you seen Kate's famous blowouts? She's got some seriously enviable tresses going on, and there's no doubt that her offspring will be genetically gifted as well.

Royal Baby, Kate Middleton, Catherine, Duchess of Cambrige, Prince William

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4. Money Talks: The baby isn't even here yet and he or she is reportedly already worth approximately $1 billion. Yes, you read that right. With Queen Elizabeth having a net worth of around $660 million, Charles claiming $370 and the soon-to-be father Will having just about $20 million, this royal is about to have one heck of a silver spoon in her or his mouth.

5. Imagine That Adorable Accent: Let's be honest, the only thing more fabulous thanthe  Queen's English is the exact same accent on a baby. Shall we revisit the "Charlie Bit My Finger" viral sensation for further proof? Case in point. 

6. It's Bound to Be Stylish: No ordinary baby clothes will suit this future heir. Elaborate, custom-made designs are going to be dressing the tot from the moment it steps out onto the steps of Kensington Palace. It'll be enough to make Suri Cruise, and everyone, jealous.

7. Because It'll Be Sovereign Whether It's a Boy or Girl: Now that a new law has been passed, Will and Kate's baby will be the heir to the British throne regardless of its gender. Traditionally, the first-born male was named the next heir, but that's completely passé.

The Great Kate Wait is almost at a close!

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