The Jonas Brothers are back! Yes, we know they're releasing new singles and music videos, but we mean back on the road.

Before they kicked off their first U.S. tour in three years in Chicago, the guys talked to E! News exclusively about what they hope this tour will be like.

"I think, definitely, there's a little nervous energy," Joe Jonas told us. So what are they most nervous about?

Well, as Nick reveals: "We have a special surprise for the fans, but it could go terribly wrong if things get out of hand."

But mostly, the guys aren't nervous. They're just excited to get back out there, see their fans and play new music.

Dad-to-be Kevin (congrats, again!) had this to say: "We're most excited about playing the new music, and we're playing a lot of it, like six or seven new songs."

As for what the brothers have planned for the fans, Nick teases:

"I think the main thing for us was to create an experience for the fans from the minute they walk in the door. It's really a night of fun and music. We'll be trying to use social media in a new and exciting way to get our fans involved in the show."

And let's not forget one other thing that's different about this new tour, this is the first time the all the brothers are on the road and 18-and-over. Sounds like trouble!

"It's our first tour all adults now, so it's fun," Joe says. "It's a party on and off stage and we all have a good time."

Find out how the Jonas Brothers' first concert goes tonight on E! News at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m.

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PHOTOS: Check out photos of the Jonas Brothers on the road again!

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