Don't tell Julia Roberts, but Benjamin Bratt is It.

Yes, the Pretty Woman's ex-beau has been tapped as show biz's studliest stud, per E!'s list-loving series, Rank.

Bratt and the rest of the Hot Class of 2002 were revealed during Sunday's broadcast of Rank: 25 Sexiest Men in Entertainment, hosted by Brooke Burke.

It is the show's second annual crack at ranking the heartthrobs among the movie, TV, rock and sports star sets.

Last year's champ, George Clooney, proved no chump in this year's competition, landing at number 10.

Erika Christensen, late of Swimfan, had no problem endorsing Bratt as 2002's sexy standard bearer. "He's the kind of person that can look you right in the eye, and all of a sudden you freak out because you realize Benjamin Bratt is looking at you," she told Rank.

Aside from his Julia connection (they were a twosome for four years), Bratt, 38, is best known for his stint as Law & Order lawman Rey Curtis from 1995 to '99. He has since moved on, professionally and personally.

Following his 2001 split with Roberts, he wed Piñero costar Talisa Soto in April 2002. The couple is expecting their first child this fall.

Careerwise, Bratt is now deploying his sexy self in movies, including Miss Congeniality and the new thriller Abandon.

Bratt's sexiness apparently spiked in 2002--in 2001's Rank listing, he was number nine.

Overall, just eight members of Rank's 2002 sexy-men club are holdovers from 2001. The other habitual hotties: rocker Lenny Kravitz (2002's number 19, down from number 5 in 2001); Clooney (number 10, down from number 1); XXX man Vin Diesel (number 9, up from number 19); fellow X-man Hugh Jackman (number 8, up from number 25); Jennifer Aniston's vote Brad Pitt (number 4, down from number 3); Minority Report's Colin Farrell (number 3, up from number 16); and Jennifer Lopez's pick Ben Affleck (number 2, up from number 10).

If Clooney is feeling a bit low that Bratt usurped his Rank crown, he can take heart: William H. Macy thinks the world of him. "George has it all," Macy told Rank. "He's really good looking--I mean, like, painfully good looking. I hate his guts."

The lone ballplayer to crack this year's top 10 was the aptly named Rick Fox of the Los Angeles Lakers; the lone music man was crooner Enrique Iglesias, the 27-year-old scion of perennial sexy fave Julio Iglesias.

In online voting, Rank viewers got to express their own sexy opinions. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was named sexiest athlete; Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, sexiest rock frontman; Star Wars' Hayden Christensen, sexiest newcomer; Today's Matt Lauer, sexiest newsman; and Kelly Ripa's favorite All My Children costar Mark Conseulos, Hollywood's hottest hubby.

Rank will be back November 3 with Rank: Celebrity Oops: What Were They Thinking?!, a countdown of famous folks' more infamous moments.

Here's a rundown of the top 10 in Rank's Sexiest Men in Entertainment. (For the complete list, click here.

1. Benjamin Bratt
2. Ben Affleck
3. Colin Farrell
4. Brad Pitt
5. Ewan McGregor
6. Enrique Iglesias
7. Rick Fox
8. Hugh Jackman
9. Vin Diesel
10. George Clooney

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