Dianna Agron, Kelly Pickler, Puppies


There's a puppy parade going on in Hollywood!

Just yesterday, Dianna Agron was spotted carrying an adorable pet pooch while leaving a friend's home in Studio City, Calif.

The 27-year-old balanced the dog in one hand as she toted her extra-large handbag in the other. She even kissed her pet on the nose as she walked to her car. Too cute!

But she's not the only starlet who's recently become a parent to an adorable pup.

Kelly Pickler


Kellie Pickler revealed on her Twitter earlier in the week that she welcomed a new furry friend into her family.

She posted a pic of herself holding up the doggie, with a caption saying, "Me & Peanut. #MyNewPup J"

Get a load of that face! Who wouldn't want to cuddle up next to Peanut?!

It appears that pint-sized fur balls are still all the rage in Tinsletown.

Amanda Bynes was also seen carrying her cute critter while she engaged in a little bit of retail therapy on the busy streets of New York City late last month.

Amanda Bynes

Splash News

She made sure to keep her new pal as close to her as possible, clutching and bundling him up inside of her leather jacket.

Bynes has herself a new best friend it seems. She's been seen on previous shopping trips throughout the Big Apple with the precious pup.

 Between Agron and Pickler's newest pals, we're almost beginning to think we need to go out and find us a canine of our own!

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