The 80's were a mixed bag, musically. While punk rock was moving up from the underground and Michael Jackson was hitting his stride, synthesizers were changing the way music was made and quickly becoming all the rage. Unfortunately, the result of this technological innovation was a glut of same-sounding robo-pop tunes, one indistinguishable from the next.

That considered, pop singer Chriss actually turned out a pretty catchy, enjoyable version of The Drifters' hit Sweets For My Sweet.

We think so, anyway. The relatives at what we assume was some sort of family reunion seem less impressed with her efforts. Let's see if she wins them over.



"Mom? Why won't Auntie Chriss let us eat?"

"Shush, dear. Your aunt is trying to make something of herself. Do you want her to move out of your room or not?"

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