Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton is famous for selecting her own ensembles but one person the expecting Duchess of Cambridge does take style suggestions from is sister Pippa Middleton.

The mom-to-be even lets her younger sibling add items to her wardrobe—a privilege she has strongly denied famous designers.

The latest item from Pippa? A pair of Chatelles flats.

After falling in love with the slippers—and buying three pairs for herself!—Pippa decided to share her new favorites. "I want to buy a pair for my sister," She told the lines' designer Francois du Chastel, according to People.

The posh leather slippers couldn't come at a more perfect time especially since Prince William's wife will soon be chasing around the royal baby—an activity made easier by a comfy pair of loafers.

My Chatelles Shoes, Middleton

Although Kate has yet to be spotted out in the shoes, du Chastel believes the mom-to-be likes his Honoré and Alphonse styles (above).

Of course, the Duchess could simply be wearing the flats behind closed doors. Recently Middleton has been spending time at her parents' home in Bucklebury and has not been photographed for a few weeks.

The home is about 53 miles away from St. Mary's hospital in London—the medical center where she is due to deliver her first child.

While she isn't likely roaming her parents' hallways in a pair of stilettos, it should be noted that in the past Kate has normally opted for wedges, Jimmy Choo heels and her go-to L.K. Bennett nude pumps.

Though who's to say she doesn't switch up her style after becoming a new mom.

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