DELAYED? MTV reportedly may delay the second season of its hit reality series The Osbournes until January. The timing depends on family matriarch Sharon Osbourne's recovery from colon cancer. Her battle has so far been succecssful.

PERSONAL TIME: Blythe Danner taking a leave of absence from CBS' Presidio Med in the wake of husband Bruce Paltrow's sudden death last week. Scenes will be shot around her character until she returns in the coming weeks.

RECOVERING: Kel Gleason, the Survivor: Australia contestant accused of sneaking jerky, beaten by four bar patrons in an incident in Toronto on September 20. He reportedly suffered serious head injuries.

LESS IS MORE: ABC ordering up a full season of its new sitcom Less Than Perfect after solid ratings during its first two weeks on the air. The show has averaged 10 million viewers in its Tuesday-night slot.

SPLITSVILLE: Just two days after announcing their separation, Lorenzo Lamas filing for divorce Tuesday in Los Angeles from former Playboy pinup Shauna Sand. The couple separated last week after six years of marriage "due to problems of incompatibility." They had three daughters together.

DENIED: A Los Angeles judge rejecting bail for actor Robert Blake, but said he'd consider revisiting the issue after his preliminary hearing on December 11.

IDOL TALK: American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini signing with Simon Fuller's 19 Recordings, which will distribute his first solo album.

NOT GOING ANYWHERE: A New York state parole board denying parole for a second time to Mark David Chapman, who's been in prison for 22 years for killing former Beatle John Lennon.

SWEPT ASIDE: A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday rejecting a request for an injunction halting the release of Madonna's upcoming Swept Away, which opens Friday. The plaintiff says it the remake was his idea. Despite the setback, he plans to move forward with a lawsuit against Madonna, hubby Guy Ritchie (the film's director) and Sony Pictures.

FROM KABBALAH TO KARATE: Meanwhile, Madonna trying her hand at karate in her new video for "Die Another Day," the theme song to the upcoming James Bond movie. The clip premieres Thursday on MTV.

SOUNDTRACKING: Wynonna Judd to write and record the theme song for Lifetime's new reality drama series Final Justice. The show, premiering in January 2003, will be hosted by the real Erin Brockovich.

IF STING CAN DO IT... Phil Collins allowing Toyota to use his new single, "Can't Stop Loving You," in TV commercials for the 2003 Avalon sedan. Collins will give Toyota a second song for use in later ads.

MISS PIGGY MEETS POWER RANGERS: Haim Saban, the media kingpin whose empire includes the Power Rangers and Digimon, has reportedly made a $65 mllion bid to buy Jim Henson Company. The Muppet makers are being sold by German company EMTV.

CURTAINS: The Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play Proof will close January 5 after 918 performances and 16 previews. Anne Heche will remain in the lead role until the final show at the Walter Kerr Theater.

REVEALED: Actress Teri Garr holding a news conference today in New York to announce she's had symptoms of multiple sclerosis for 19 years, but never told anyone because she "didn't want pity" and was also afraid no one would hire her.

PROTECTING THEIR WORK: Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and James Taylor suing Vivendi Universal's music Website for allegedly distributing their songs without authorization.

THE GOOD GIRL: Jennifer Aniston picking up Best Actress for The Good Girl at the Sixth Annual Hollywood Film Festival Monday in Beverly Hills. Other winners included Jodie Foster (who snagged the Lifetime Acting Award), Tom Hanks (Best Actor) and Minority Report (Best Film).

KNOCKED AROUND: The New York Post reporting that Roc-a-Fella Records CEO Damon Dash reportedly attacked by a gang of neighborhood street punks while in Paris last week. He required six stitches to repair a gash on his head.

48 HOURS: FX agreeing to repeat each episode of Fox's 24 series twice within a week of its network prime-time run as it did during the drama's first season.

LOOK WHAT LANCE STARTED: Russia's space agency teaming up with the country's largest TV station to do a reality show in which contestants compete for a rocket trip to the International Space Station. The series is slated to debut in the fall of 2003.

TROUBLE IN THE TAR HEEL STATE: A North Carolina judge ordering the Miss North Carolina pageant to not recognize a reigning titleholder until the original winner, who says she was forced to resign over a topless picture scandal, settles her case against the pageant. At one point, there were two Miss North Carolinas competing for Miss America.

BUM RAP: Former 3LW memeber Naturi Naughton suing her former bandmates, manager and record label, saying she was forced from the platinum-selling R&B teen trio because she was not "ghetto enough."

BANNED: Iran barring CNN's chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour from entering the country this week. No reason was given.

HAVE A CIGAR: ABC's Barbara Walters snagging her first exclusive with Cuban President Fidel Castro in more than 25 years. The interview will air on Friday's 20/20 as part of the 40th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

HELPING THE WAR EFFORT: Leaders of the government's Voice of America and other U.S.-sponsored international broadcasts meeting on Tuesday in Los Angeles with Hollywood executives to gain their insight into launching an Arabic-language TV network to compete against Al Jazeera, the Middle East's only 24-hour news outlet.

FOR HIS NEXT PROJECT: Critically acclaimed Mexican film director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Amores Perros) shooting his English-language debut, 21 Grams, in Memphis. The film, about a critically ill man brought together through a freak accident with a drug addict and Christian ex-con, stars Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro.

EXPECTING! Country singer Kelly Willis announcing she's pregnant with twins and is due in April, a spokesperson confirmed.

RUNNING OUT OF TIME: The Bill Monroe Foundation still hasn't paid the full $1.12 million price tag for the bluegrass star's famed mandolin. The group has less than a month to come up with the cash, otherwise the mandolin will revert to Monroe's family and go up for auction again.

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