An explanation behind Cory Monteith's sudden death may come sooner than we thought.

On Tuesday's Live From E!, Arlene Santana and Marc Malkin were joined by Ken Baker in Vancouver and Melanie Bromley in London to discuss the latest news on the Glee star's recent passing, as well as the royal baby.

Ken kept us updated on the ongoing investigation in Canada of Cory's death, explaining the shock people are going through because Monteith did not fit a "troubled actor" profile and actually came off as the all-Canadian kid.

Even high-profile cases like the deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston did not expedite investigations, but Canada (Monteith's home country) is making a special case and taking into consideration the extreme public interest by speeding up his autopsy. Initial results could be out later today or early tomorrow.

Marc discussed what he learned about the actor in his interview with producer Tony Whalen, who worked with Monteith on an upcoming film All the Wrong Reasons. Not only was Monteith a great actor and person, but he was also an inspiration and mentor on set to newcomer actors.

On a more cheerful note, Melanie tuned in from London as the royal baby watch continues.

The threesome gave their predictions as to when exactly Kate Middleton will give birth. Melanie was hopeful that the baby would come by the end of the week, while Marc was willing to put his money on tomorrow.

After Prince William failed to show up to a meeting with friends last night in central London, Melanie was even more positive that something will be happening very, very, soon.

Also on today's how, find out who made Forbes' annual list of highest paid actors—why Channing Tatum ranked higher than Hollywood veterans Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington (hint: his shirtless performance in Magic Mike may have something to do with it!)

And see what the panel had to say about newest addition to ABC's The View, Jenny McCarthy. Although her opiniationed personality stirred a lot of debate over whether or not she was the best choice for the position, she brings to the table heated discussions on both sides, just what the show is about. 

Finally, take a look at the first-ever movie to premiere its trailer on Instagram—Jobs, the upcoming film starring Ashton Kutcher on the life of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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