Beyoncé Tells Fan to "Put That Damn Camera Down" During Concert—Watch Now!

"I'm right in your face baby," she said during "Irreplaceable" at Atlanta show. "You gotta seize this moment, baby!"

By Rebecca Macatee Jul 16, 2013 8:15 PMTags
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Beyoncé doesn't want her fans viewing a live show through a screen—she wants them to see it with their very own eyes!

On Friday, Jay-Z's love took her Mrs. Carter Show to Atlanta's Gwinnett Center. Per usual, she let the crowd help out with the vocals on her 2006 hit "Irreplaceable." But when one fan tried to snap a photo of Queen Bey rather than singing, "To the left, to the left," Mrs. Carter good-naturedly ordered him to, "Put that damn camera down!" 

"See, you can't even sing because you're too busy taping," she said. "I'm right in your face, baby. You gotta seize this moment, baby!"

And you gotta listen bow down to Bey's orders, baby! The fan gave up on trying to snap Blue Ivy's mama onstage and sang a strong, "To the left, to the left," into her microphone. 

"Yes!" she exclaimed. "That's my style!" 

She continued on with the song, urging different sections of the crowd to sing along. "Sing," she commanded. "Everybody put their camera down!" 

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The camera-holder isn't the first fan to flub the "Irreplaceable" lyrics. On April 30 at Beyoncé's London show, Princess Eugenie was a bit shellshocked when she was picked to sing along. In the front row alongside James Middleton and his rumored girlfriend Donna Air, the 23-year-old royal couldn't come up with, "To the left, to the left." Put on the spot, Eugenie reportedly mouthed the words, saying nothing, then ducked to the ground and hid.

"It was hilarious," a fellow attendee told U.K.'s  Mirror"She was really excitable and filming the whole thing on her iPhone like any other fan." (Eugenie should consider herself lucky Bey didn't tell her to put that damn camera down!)

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"Beyoncé clearly didn't recognize her," added the concertgoer. "So when it came to 'Irreplaceable,' and the part where she picks on an audience member to join in with her, she simply chose the first woman she could reach."

According to a source, the princess's friends were "teasing her about her stage fright for hours afterwards."

Hey, at least neither Eugenie nor the camera-holding fan in Atlanta slapped Beyoncé's butt like an uncouth audience member in Copenhagen!