Fanboys and girls, this is for you.

Chuck star Zachary Levi stopped by E! News to talk to Terrence Jenkins about all things nerdy.

Specifically, Nerd HQ, which will be featured again at Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif., this year.

What the heck Nerd HQ, you wonder?

Zachary Levi

Brian Dowling/Syfy

"Nerd HQ is this crazy little idea I had a couple years back after going to Comic-Con for many years and having an amazing time and they do an incredible job down there," Levi told us.

"I just kinda felt like, you know, if I did my own little thing, what would I do? And I wanted to make it a little more intimate and interactive with fans and celebrities, and kind of bring all that together for a greater cause in, kind of, philanthropy and charity."

The actor added, "I'm an ambassador for Operation Smile, so what we do is we do a bunch of panels but they're 250 people in the audience and they get an hour Q&A to ask celebrities whatever they want and it can get pretty raucous and crazy and off the cuff."

Nerd HQ began in July 2011 when Levi and The Nerd Machine (an American-based company and website founded by the actor in November 2010) partnered with Break media to create a series of videos and events at the 2011 Comic-Con.

The star tells E! News that he plans to have Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon return for this year's event (which kicks off Thursday), among other slated appearances.

Watch the clip to hear more about this year's Nerd HQ!

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