Rumor Patrol: Who Will Play Ryan Walker?

By Kristin Dos Santos Jun 06, 2008 8:09 PMTags
Brothers and SistersABC

Aside from Angelina's twins, he just might be the most anticipated newcomer to the entertainment world in the coming months. least according to you Brothers & Sisters die-hards who read this column and who have been emailing in daily with the latest casting rumor of who will play Ryan Walker—the secret half-brother from another mother who was revealed in last month's season finale.

Time for the money Q: Where does this casting actually stand?

Despite rumors floating on message boards and fansites that Jason Thompson from General Hospital had been cast and rumors that Tom Pelphrey from Guiding Light had scored the role, a rep for the show tells me: "Casting has not yet begun."

(Hmmm...Perhaps those rumors were started by overeager soap fans? If so, touché, my friends, 'cause you got your boys some play on the Internets.)


A source connected to Bros & Hos (as Dave Annable lovingly calls it) tells me that one name that has come up is Gregory Smith (Ephram!), but producers haven't yet decided whom they want to reach out to yet for the role.

I'm also told it "won't be long" before the casting decision needs to be made, since the show went straight into production on the fall season.

So you know what that means...suggestion-box time! If you have an idea for who would be perfect as the latest addition to our beloved Walker clan, comment below and I'll forward your ideas to the powers that be.