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Royal baby watch continues!

With the Prince or Princess of Cambridge due to arrive any minute, we've rounded up five ways to get Kate Middleton's labor on the road. While these are only rumored methods to induce labor naturally, they're still worth a try when considering the alternative is to sit and watch the clock. Let the labor games begin:

1. Walk Around…A Lot: Walking is one of the most tried and true methods to induce a labor naturally. This form of light exercise can move the baby down toward the pelvis, which in turn primes the cervix for labor. We're guessing that there are beautiful gardens to be walked near Kate's family home in Berkshire, where she is said to be resting in preparation for the birth. 

2. Load Up on Hot Peppers: Or pineapple—it's believed that spicy food and certain fruits can help induce labor. Spicy foods irritate the intestines and can cause the uterus to contract, while pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain that is said to soften the cervix.

3. Do Acupressure, Acupuncture or Get a Plain Ole Massage: Both acupuncture and acupressure target pressure points to promote blood circulation throughout the body. The ancient Chinese practices are said to move blood to the uterus, helping the baby move down to the pelvis and stimulating contractions and dilation. Massages work similarly, raising the body's level of oxytocin—a hormone that facilitates labor, birth, maternal bonding and breastfeeding— which can work to stimulate contractions. Motivational thinking is also good during these sessions: Kate should visualize the future prince or princess's arrival.

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4. Drink Tea: This should be an easy one for the royals: the Brits love their teas. It has been said that drinking teas that contain raspberry leaf, cumin or even evening primrose oil may bring about labor.

5. Get Busy: Prince William can help in a way that, er, nature intended. Sex is a rumored mode to jumpstart labor: Sperm contains hormones that can thin and dilate the cervix. Orgasms also trigger the release of oxytocin, so the better the roll in the hay the more likely that labor will be induced. 

How else might Kate speed up the labor process? Sound off in the comments. 

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