George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty in Trayvon Martin Murder Trial: Stars React

Celebrities take to Twitter to vent and offer words of comfort to the slain teen's family

By Jefferson Reid Jul 14, 2013 3:50 AMTags
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The verdict is in for the Trayvon Martin murder trial and George Zimmerman has been aquited of all charges in the case stemming from the high profile death of teenager Martin, E! News has learned.

The legal decision by a Florida jury stunned many stars, who had made the African-American youth's killing a cause celeb. And the verdict sent celebrities to social media to vent, commiserate and muse.

Music and media mogul Russell Simmons weighed in early with, "Prayers for the Martin family. ... Only God knows what was on Zimmerman mind but the gun laws and stand your ground laws must change.?" He went on to counsel peace, writing, "I know many people are very upset about the verdict, but we must remain peaceful. No matter what, remain peaceful."

Not everyone kept their cool, however. See what other stars had to say.

Beyoncé asked the crowd at her Nashville concert to observe a moment of silence for the slain teen. Then she ripped into an emotional rendition of "I Will Always Love You."

 Of course most stars took to Twitter to voice their passions.

MileyCyrus: "I feel sick. #RipTrayvonMartin. No justice, no peace."

Rihanna: ‏"This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily."

Steve Harvey: A Child is Dead & The Man that Killed Him is Free & Again The Child is Black...My Country Tis of Thee?

LA LA ‏Anthony: "Speechless...All I can do is pray and weep for @SybrinaFulton and the Martin Family...walk by Faith not by sight. #GodisinControl"

John Legend: My heart hurts.

Mandy Moore
My heart is heavy...for all who knew and loved #TrayvonMartin. His life mattered. This is shameful.

Nicki Minaj: "May God console the Martins at this time; as well as every other family that's gone through this type of injustice." (The outspoken singer also vented her anger, directing a question to the president: "What are your thoughts? @BarackObama We're allowed to disregard 911 operators, pursue and kill ppl now? But send lauryn hill to jail 4 TAXES.")

Olivia Wilde: I feel sick

Monica: ‏"Praying for his family..."

Sophia Bush: "The wind is more than knocked out of me... My heart aches for this boy's family. Justice System? I don't think so. #justicefortrayvon."

Piers Morgan: RIP Trayvon Martin

Mia Farrow: ‏"An armed vigilante decides a boy"looks suspicious", so he hunts him down and shoots him in the heart #notguilty?? I don't understand this. At ALL

Lena Dunham: "No. My heart is with Sybrina Fulton, Rachel Jeantel, everyone who loved Trayvon and has been sent the message that his life didn't matter.