Will Big Time Rush Return for a Fifth Season? Nothing's Set in Stone

The guys get candid about another season, their fans and who will marry first!

By Jennifer Cady Jul 13, 2013 5:00 PMTags
Watch: "Big Time Rush" Guys Get Candid

As the season 4 finale approaches, Big Time Rush fans just want to know one thing: Will there be a fifth season?

And that's the first thing E! News' Ken Baker asked the band when he sat down with them before their Summer Break Tour show in Phoenix. Unfortunately, the answer we got might not be that helpful.

"We have no idea," all the guys said.

James clarified, "I think we're all open to the idea. Either way, we may continue to do music. Nothing's set in stone."

Guess that vague answer will have to do for now! There was at least one question everyone could answer with complete certainty: Who will be the first band member to get married?

The unanimous answer: Carlos! (It looks like even James' adorable pup Fox agrees!)

In the midst of their tour with Victoria Justice, there is one thing that makes the guys a little uneasy. Sometimes the fan encounters can be a little intense, especially if there are some younger ones in the mix.

"I'm not worried about me and I'm not worried about the guy that's with me," Kendall said. "I'm worried about the 5-year-old who's excited too and just happens to be at the bottom of the bunch."

But Logan points out, "There are older fans too and I'm pretty sure I was running through and got a few butt grabs and I was like, 'Oh!'"

Given all the boy bands on tour and reuniting, we wanted to know if Big Time Rush thinks they could still be touring in 20 years. And leave it to James to give us this thoughtful answer:

"We're pretty proud of the fact that when we started this 5 years ago there were not boy bands, it just wasn't a popular thing. So we're proud that we kinda brought that back and have been going ever since. So looking at that and all the boy bands that have resurrected since then, it's a possibility of course."

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