Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes

Jackson Lee/Splash News

You've got to love the resiliency of youth.

Suri Cruise was all smiles while out today with mom Katie Holmes, happily toting her pink gym bag and not showing any evidence of having been called a "little brat" and a "bitch" earlier this week by an autograph-seeker who apparently didn't approve of the attitude the 7-year-old took with the ever-present paparazzi.

The incident was caught on video, but the guy who dissed Suri was only heard, not seen. And what did the child say that got him all riled up again?

Holmes flashed a grin as she attempted to guide Suri and another little girl out of their apartment building and into their waiting SUV without incident.

Her daughter, however, told the paps and various pen-wielding autograph-hunters to "stop it" and crossly said, "Get out of the way," as she reached for the door of the car.

Cue the inexplicably annoyed guy.

It was unclear at first if it was a photographer or a bystander, but E! News has since learned that a professional autograph-seeker (he sells them after he gets them) was the one who used the various b-words.

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