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With so many different fitness trends out there, it's hard to know which ones are worth your time and which ones you should just skip. However, all through July, Louise Roe—the star of Plain Jane, Style Pop and Fashion Star—is trying out of few of these workouts so you don't have to. Plus, she'll be sharing videos of her workout adventures. First up, Dirty Yoga! Read on for Louise's experience with this cheeky-sounding exercise.

Dirty Yoga was recommended to me by a super fit friend (who also loves to drink cocktails), this summer. Thinking it was some kind of naked-tantric-weirdo-exercise, I acted grossed out and then obviously Googled it, intrigued. The website sums up the concept, and it's not what the title implies: "Yoga for people going places. Yoga for creators, inventors, entrepreneurs, self-starters and agitators. Yoga for people with better things to do than yoga. People who want to get in, get their exercise and get out." Er, so if I don't have much spare time, and I certainly don't want to spend that -spare time exercising, but still I expect to get a bikini-ready bod out of it? Sign me up!

As we say in England, that's my cup of tea. The website is actually skewed towards attracting guys—there's even a blog set up just for men to ask yoga questions, and I quote: "Girls are better than boys at yoga, and we know that brings up all sorts of issues. So, we're here for moral support. Ask The Dirty Yogi questions, read about man things, and reassure yourself that real men do yoga and that your manhood is intact."

Navigation is simple and clear: no frills. You sign up for a month ($20), a week ($10), or for 24 hours (free) and you choose the classes you click on: Dirty yoga, Extra dirty yoga, Filthy yoga and Quickie yoga.

I had a lunch hour free from filming all week. Quickie Yoga here I come. Seven minutes of core exercise, seven more stretching and seven more breathing. As someone who has done a lot of yoga, these sessions are taught well, easy to follow, and made me sweat. Impressive for seven minutes! After the final breaths, I felt focused and energized to carry on filming (usually after lunch I'm about ready for a nap)

I'd give this 9 out 10. A high score indeed: I'm carrying on getting Dirty in my lunch hour. In fact, next week, I might even get Filthy.

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