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Blake Shelton may seemingly live a glamorous Hollywood life, but in reality, he's still a country boy at heart.

The Voice star covers the August issue of Men's Journal, in which he talks his bromance with fellow Voice judge Adam Levine, his relationship with wife Miranda Lambert and his infamous drinking on the NBC reality show.

The 37-year-old country crooner—whose fame has skyrocketed with the success of The Voice—admits he was originally reluctant to sign on to the competition show, but couldn't pass up the opportunity once he found out he'd be in the company of Christina Aguilera.

"I was like, 'F--k, who am I to be the holdout?'" he recalls. "I'm the country guy nobody's ever heard of."

Now, he's the country guy every one's heard of, but he hasn't lost any of his native Oklahoma charm. He isn't afraid to share his love of a stiff cocktail and regularly jokes about his drinking on the hit show (he even owned up to boozing on the finale while chatting backstage with E! News).

Except, he wishes Levine would join in on the fun.

"I get frustrated with Adam," he tells the mag. "Because, to me, rock stars are supposed to be drunk all the time. But he's very healthy. He takes care of himself. And it drives me crazy, because I want him to be more like me. Drunk all the time."

While Levine may booze a little less than Blake, the rocker recalls a time when he visited Shelton at his Johnston County, Okla., home, just 45 minutes from where Shelton crew up.

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert


"I was on my way to this fancy chi-chi island vacation," Levine remembers. "And afterwards, I realized I had so much more fun playing beer pong and driving quads with Blake than I did at this five-star resort."

Shelton's down-to-earth demeanor and laid-back attitude is also what makes him a perfect match for his strong-willed wife.

"I don't give her too much s--t," he jokes. "That's like poking a bear."

And he admits Miranda is indeed as fiery as she seems.

"She's as lovable as can be—until you cross her. She'll go from zero to 100 real quick. If Miranda has an inkling you're saying something hardass to her, it's gonna be a problem," he says.

But the blond beauty's also helped the tough guy get in touch with his feelings.

"That's probably Miranda's doing," Blake's sister says in reference to when Shelton penned a song about his brother who passed away. "Getting him to show a little bit of a softer side, be more emotional. Not just be the funny guy all the time."

Awww, aren't they just the best?!

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