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Who knew Salma Hayek has some serious flip cup skills?!

The actress stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday to promote her new film Grown Ups 2, and the funnyman couldn't help but challenge the brunette beauty to a game of flip cup after learning she plays the drinking game "quarters" in the Dennis Dugan-directed flick.

"We're going head to head in the classic drinking game flip cup," Jimmy explained. "Instead of teams, we'll be drinking and flipping ourselves. We each have six cups here. The first to drink the beers and flip all six cups wins."

Salma, who stunned in a black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, admitted she'd never played the classic college game.

"It's my first time, but I have a suspicion you've been doing this a long time," the actress quipped with her best game face on.

After the pair both fumbled with their first cup, Salma got the hang of the game and proceeded to seamlessly flip all five cups, showing off her skills that could put any frat guy to shame.

"I'm so embarrassed," Jimmy confessed after Hayek totally kicked his butt. "That was unbelievable."

In addition to schooling Fallon in flip cup, the 46-year-old stunner shared a story from the Grown Ups 2 set, and turns out, the self-professed animal lover even loves skunks (no, seriously) and caused quite a stir on set.

"We were shooting in a huge tent and we were all stuck there and we had some skunks that got in the tent," Hayek began. "Now, I have a lot of dogs; I'm used to skunks…I'm immune to the smell. So I actually think they're pretty cute. So I found the skunk because I attract animals, and I started to feed the skunk."

And no surprise, the skunk became very fond of Salma.

"So finally they [the crew] found the skunk and they got rid of it; they took it out and then the skunk came back with the rest of the family in the tent where we were shooting," she admitted. "And I kept feeding them! Those Grown Ups people have so much food they could spare a little bit for the skunks. But it was a little bit of a problem because it became an infestation of skunks on set." 

Talk about a smelly story!

Grown Up 2 hits theaters today. Go see the flick because, according to Salma, "There's a lot of new hot guys. Like Taylor Lautner."

Isn't she the best?

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