You know you've made it when a president forgives you for cursing at him.

On Thursday's Live From E!, Jason Kennedy, Marc Malkin, Kristin Dos Santos were joined by guest YouTube vlogger Tyler Oakley to discuss the latest entertainment news including all the recent trouble revolving around Justin Bieber.

After a video was released of the 19-year-old singer spraying cleaning liquid onto a picture of Bill Clinton saying "F--k Bill Clinton," we've learned that all has been forgiven.

Not only was former U.S. President totally cool about it, but he also took the time to have a talk with the Biebs, saying something along the lines of, "If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well."

Taking into account all of the recent trouble Bieber has been getting into, the panel looked into who exactly the singer is surrounding himself with after BFF Lil' Twist was arrested for a DUI just earlier this morning.

However, not all of the media attention is negative. After enraging Chicago Blackhawk fans by standing on the team logo in the locker room, a spokesman for the team called Bieber "apologetic" and "extremely genuine and kind with his time."

Melanie Bromley joined in on the show from London to give us the latest scoop on the royal baby. The standby helicopter that has been stationed since Friday at Prince William's Anglesey farmhouse is no longer there, which could mean that he is at Kate Middleton's side. Or is the royal family trying to throw the world off? 

Since the due date is supposedly this week, media from all around the world is stationed at Buckingham Palace and St. Mary's Hospital, yet somehow the mom-to-be managed to get in the hospital on Monday for a last minute checkup without being seen.

Finally on today's show, our experts commented on the upcoming wedding of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, scheduled for this weekend. Where will the newlyweds move after they tie the knot?

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