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Today's category for our dream Emmy nominations is Best Supporting Actor and Actress in a Comedy, aka a really tough category to talk about. How many amazing supporting characters are on television right now? Eleventy-killion? That's just a rough estimate.

We managed to round up our top favorite supporting folks for today's Emmy list, but it wasn't easy picking only six. Can't they expand the number of slots to 19? Anyway, here are our picks for Emmy nods in the supporting comedy category:

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy

Eliza Coupe, Happy Endings: We'd rather have a separate category for the cast of Happy Endings, but the Academy never answered our emails. And the sting of cancellation would lessen if Coupe was recognized for her work as the Type-A WASPy Jane.

Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory: She's dating Superman, so if Cuoco doesn't get the nod, we think she'll be alright. In fact, it's almost not fair if she gets him and an Emmy nomination this year. However, her portrayal of Penny as the glue that holds the Big Bang Theory geeks together makes us so warm inside that we had to put her on the list.

Jenna Fisher, The Office: Don't get us started on how much much we think the Pam in "Jam" is underappreciated. But we have a whole new love for Fisher after the final season of The Office, because her silent (and not-so-silent) suffering as her marriage nearly fell apart was really hard to watch, which meant she was doing something right.

Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock: We want her at the Emmys this year just so we can get a repeat performance of her smash hit "Rural Juror" from the series finale of the NBC comedy. Oh, and she's also extremely talented and we will miss her being on our small screens every week.

Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Recreation: It's hard to shine as a comedic actress when you are on a show with Amy Poehler, but Plaza delivers April's biting, straight-faced personality with hilarious ease. How does she do that?

Jessica Walter, Arrested Development: She was one of our favorite reasons why we couldn't wait for Arrested Development and the Bluth family's return. And she was perfect.

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy

Ty Burrell, Modern Family: Burrell is always on point on ABC's smash hit comedy, but when Phil had to deal with the death of his mother in the season finale, he was straight-up incredible. One second we were laughing like always, and the next minute we were trying to hold back our tears. Spoiler alert: We did not succeed.

Donald Glover, Community: You've probably heard by now how underrated this show and the cast are, but we wanted to single out Glover because there is just something about his comedic choices that make Troy pop-pop onscreen more than others. We're truly sad we won't be seeing much of him next season.

Max Greenfield, New Girl: Schmidt happens, and just like last year, so will an Emmy nomination for our favorite lovable TV douchebag.

John Krasinski, The Office: He's everyone's favorite adorable paper salesman, but when The Office writers gave him marriage trouble in the final season, he became so much more than that. Not only did his scenes with onscreen wife Jenna Fisher knock our socks off, but our second-favorite relationship on that show reached an all-time high in the final episodes. We're talking of course about Jim and Dwight (Rainn Wilson). Jim's speech to Dwight about love being the only thing that matters in the penultimate episode? Forget it.

Nick Offerman, Parks and Recreation: First of all, he's turned Ron Swanson into an American icon, and he's so perfect opposite Amy Poehler that it's almost annoying. Except it's not annoying at all.

Adam Pally, Happy Endings: C'mon, Emmy voters. We lost one of our all-time favorite comedies this year, so the least you can do is give a nod to Pally for his brilliant work as slacker Max. He deserves it, so just make it happen.

Did we miss anybody? Let us know in the comments! 

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