Adam Sandler, Letterman


Call it When Animals Attack—the Adam Sandler Edition.

The funnyman stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday night while making the publicity rounds for his comedy follow up, Grown Ups 2, when he revealed he got a little more than he bargained for during a recent safari in Africa—a close encounter of the cheetah kind!

"I did have an incident and I sent you guys the thing… I hung out with some lions," Sandler told David Letterman.

"You see 'em from the jeep?" asked the gap-toothed comic.

"No, they let me get out," said the 46-year-old thesp. "You go into this one place and you hang out with lions. No tigers. Tiger are in Asia by the way. I did not know that."

When quizzed by a skeptical Letterman why he was let out of a jeep to "mingle" with wild animals, Sandler then related his run-in with the cheetah.

"They let me in with a cheetah," he said.

They let you in with a cheetah?!" exclaimed Dave.

"And said I can feed the cheetah water from my hands," continued Adam. "So I did it and something went wrong."

"This doesn't sound legal," quipped Letterman who then rolled tape of the incident.

"That's me in the hat," narrated Sandler. 

Per the footage, the cheetah circles around the erstwhile Waterboy as he's kneeling over a small watering hole , then suddenly jumps of his back, prompting the safari guide to pull the animal off of him.

"Holy moly," bellowed Letterman. "Whoa. Wow!  You were remarkably composed."

"I played it off real good," noted Sandler. "What happened was, they said you're not supposed to bend that low with water."

Adam Sandler, Letterman


But while he was nervous at how fast the predator moved, the actor revealed the animal expert had everything under control, joking, "She sleeps with that cheetah in the bed."

The Grown Ups star added that if the cheetah had gotten his way, he would've basically been a steak dinner.

"I swear to God when he jumped on me, all I was gonna do was let him eat me," Sandler admitted. "There was not one part of me that was gonna fight back. Alright, this is how I'm done."

Somehow, we doubt the cheetah was as scary for the comedian as starring in his first official sequel.

Grown Ups 2 hits theaters on Friday. You can watch Sandler recounting the cheetah tale in its entirety in the video below starting at 8:30.

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