Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson was looking very, well, Robert Pattinson-like, on Tuesday.

Heading into a Los Angeles studio, the actor was decked out in his usual jeans, T-shirt, backwards baseball cap and shades.

Not that we're complaining. In fact, we've actually grown rather fond of the guy's casual-cool attire. And the scruff is always a nice bonus.

Of course, Pattinson did change it up ever so slightly a few days ago when he traded in his dungarees for a pair of shorts to stock up on essentials at a Beverly Hills supermarket.

In addition to snacks and Diet Snapple, it appeared that Pattinson's toilet paper brand of choice was Charmin and he apparenty favors Coors Light. (You know, in case you were wondering.)

No word though, if, upon returning to his car, he received a similar message like the one ex Kristen Stewart got the other day.

After running errands in North Hollywood, the actress approached her vehicle and saw the words, "I [heart]Rob" written on the hood. She appeared pretty unfazed by it, though, and drove off with removing the sentence.

It's been nearly two months since Pattinson and Stewart ended their relationship.

A source close to the actor recently told E! News that Pattinson "is in a good place" following the split, adding, "Rob is just enjoying hanging and chilling with friends at this point in his life."

That would obviously include attending Beyoncé's concert last week with a few pals as well as hanging out with Elvis Presley's granddaughter, Riley Keough, earlier this month.

Not surprising, the latter sighting sparked rumors the two were an item, but a source informed E! News that the Cosmopolis star "isn't dating anyone at the moment, but he is very open to it."

Of course, there could be a good reason why Pattinson doesn't want to get tied down with another relationship right now. He just starting shooting the upcoming movie, Maps to the Stars.

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