Desiree, The Bachelorette

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Oh, snap. Guess who will be popping up in next week's episode of The Bachelorette to possibly cause some serious trouble? It's not any former suitors of Desiree Hartsock, if that's what you're thinking. This visitor is much more family-friendly.

Desiree's brother Nate, who basically sent Sean Lowe running for the hills on The Bachelor, will be appearing on the next episode of The Bachelorette to advise his sister on the final four, a source reveals exclusively to E! News.

So which of the remaining suitors—Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak, will have to win over her bro? Apparently Desiree has learned her lesson regarding her overprotective sibling, because Nate will not be getting near any of the guys left standing.

"Nate doesn't meet any of the guys next week," a Bachelorette source tells E! News. "The only person he sits down with is Desiree. She's petrified to see him; she doesn't want a repeat performance of what happened with Sean. But he leaves without meeting any of the contestants."

Smart girl. But we hear that Nate will definitely have strong opinions on the four men still vying for his sister's heart, even if he meets none of them. And he'll be around until the bitter, but hopefully happy, end.

"He comes back in the finale," the source adds. "He meets the finalists. And believe me, he has an opinion about them all!"

Before the season began, Desiree revealed that her brother would return, and she wasn't sweating his overprotective attitude.

"He was actually very supportive, so he will meet the men!" she said about her brother. And as for that intense conversation he had with Sean on The Bachelor that may or may not have been the reason she was eliminated, Des insists there was no malice behind it. Just Nate being a a big brother.

"That was a very Sean-specific conversation, and it was because he saw that Sean wasn't right for me," Desiree explains of the infamous fight last season. "But he is very supportive of me being able to choose and decide what's right for me."

What do you think of Nate returning to help Desiree on her journey to marriage? Will it help or hinder Des' decision?

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