Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says a Tearful Goodbye to The View

Hasselbeck, who is leaving the program to join Fox News, gets emotional while saying farewell to her co-hosts

By Jenna Mullins Jul 10, 2013 5:10 PMTags
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The ViewABC/Heidi Gutman

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her co-hosts on The View may not have always seen eye to eye, but they all agreed on the mood in the studio when the 36-year-old said her farewell this morning.

The outspoken and sometimes controversial Hasselbeck, who is leaving to ABC show for Fox News, got emotional while saying goodbye to the ladies, even to the ones she always butted heads with.

"Joy and I have spent the past ten years sparring over politics, but I have the most insane amount of respect for you," Hasselbeck told Joy Behar, who returned to love right back.

"I have to say that I appreciated your presence a lot. When we got into it, it was exciting for the show I think. We probably have enemies because of it, but so what?" Behar said. "But we never were mad at each other. We'd finish the argument, and talk about our shoes or something. Elisabeth has always been professional. I'm glad to see that you're moving into a great job."

Behar also made a crack about Hasselbeck's new gig as a co-host on Fox and Friends: "Fox! Gee, won't you be a fish out of water there?"

Things turned especially serious when Barbara Walters, who Hasselbeck called "a great teacher," said her goodbye.

"I have a lot of affection for you," Walters told her. "We feel that you always brought a fresh voice to the show. You stood by your opinions even when things were very heated, and that's not an easy thing to do. You're going to leave a big void at this table, and we're not going to fill this very soon."

As for describing her experience sitting alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Hasselbeck could not say enough nice things about the legendary comedienne.

"Everyone always asks me, ‘What's Whoopi like?' It is undeniable that you are one of the most talented artists on this planet, but you are even more loving and more talented," she gushed. "You are walking unconditional love. I am just blessed to have gotten to call myself a friend of yours."

Finally, Hasselbeck had to say a goodbye to Sherri Shepherd, who was absent from this morning's show. "I know you are always with me. You're my sister in Christ, my friend for life."

Hasselbeck is not the only one jumping The View ship. Walters will be retiring and leaving the show next year, while Behar is exiting when her contract runs out in August. 

Did you watch the show this morning? Are you sad to see Hasselbeck go?