Zach Braff


Of course she said yes!

Zach Braff lent a helping hand to musician Matt Hulbert when he proposed to his girlfriend Janice. The pair—along with Janice's close family and friends—created the most adorable YouTube video ever, which brought Hulbert's now fiancée to tears.

"When you're ready, press the play button," Hulbert tells Janice as Braff unexpectedly pops of on the computer.

The former Scrubs star then begins to jam out to Matt's music as Janice stares awestruck at the screen.

"Sorry, you caught me listening to one of my favorite songs by my good friend Matt," Braff says. "Man, he can really rock out. He asked me to help him with a little question he'd like to ask you, Janice...He knows... that he never became the rock star that he promised you he would become, I'm sure he's a rockstar in your eyes. But he's hoping you can overlook that. And he'd like you to please consider being his wife. Being his bride. But before you answer, let's see what a few other people should do."

Cue a slew of Janice's family and friends (and even a few furry animals!) instructing the blond beauty to "Say Yes" as a special song Matt wrote for the occasion plays in the background.

"That's pretty unanimous, Matt," Braff says at the end of the clip. "And let's be honest, you're never going to score anyone this hot, so I'd stick with her. She's a babe, and we all know how great she is. So go for it, marry her, as Beyoncé said, ‘If you like it then you should have put a ring on it.""

No wonder she began to tear up over the touching moment!

Hulbert later took to his YouTube page to thank fans of the video for their well wishes and explain why he chose to propose in such a creative way.

"I wanted to think of a really cool way to propose to my girlfriend, Janice, and this song and video is what I came up with," Hulbert writes. "I wanted to show her that not only do I love her, but that she's loved by all our friends and family, too. This was particularly important as she hasn't been able to see much of her family for 7 years since she moved to the U.K. and she misses them lots."

How sweet is that?!

So how did Hulbert get Braff involved?

The pair connected through Kickstarter when Matt pledged an amount for Braff's new film Wish I Was Here.

"The team were SO kind and SO amazing they got his part of the video to me super early as they really liked the idea," he gushed. "Like me, Janice is a huge fans of Scrubs so I knew it would blow her away."

Looks like it was a success!

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