Niall Horan

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Oh no!

Niall Horan confirmed that his Twitter account had been hacked today.

The One Direction singer had apparently been sending strangers private messages and following users unbeknownst to him.

"Ok my twitter is being hacked as we speak!" he wrote. "Unfollowing people! DMin people all kinda stuff! Will get control again."

Earlier in the day, fans of the pop star had made the hastag "NIALLCHANGEYOURPASSWORD" trending worldwide in an effort to catch Horan's attention.

Two particular Directioner devotees took notice of his following patterns and came to the conclusion that his social media platform had indeed been compromised.

A post detailing the extensive research as well as the hacker's possible identity surfaced on Twitter, saying, "After a long time of researching, and gathering proof we came up with the conclusion that Niall's account is being hacked."

The fan who put together the background information ultimately had one goal: to alert Horan.

"If you are part of One Direction's management team or have close connections, please assist us in showing this to Niall," they wrote.

"It is not fair that he has to go through all of this without realizing what is going on."

Talk about some seriously loyal fans!

Horan undoubtedly took the news to heart and is working nonstop to put an end to the hack.

He and the rest of his band mates released the full-length trailer for 1D: This Is Us and announced their upcoming single will be titled "Best Song Ever" last month.

The fun-filled feature film is slated to hit theaters later this summer.

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