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Snooki has been in Kate Middleton's shoes—at least when it comes to preparing for your first child.

The Jersey Shore star welcomed her little bambino Lorenzo in August 2012, and as the Duchess of Cambridge counts down the final days before her royal baby arrives, Snooks decided it might be helpful to give Middleton a little heads up on what she can expect.

So sweet, right?

"In the beginning, right when you take your royal golden nugget home to the castle is the most exciting experience of your life. I couldn't wait to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of my little prince Lorenzo," the reality star wrote.

Then things got real, and Snooki simply stated, "But that lasts for about a few days. Then it's like, 'I love you but OMG stop crying! I'm exhausted.' The lack of sleep you will get used to—just do your makeup, put a tiara on, and you'll look beautiful as usual."

The meatball mama also suggested that Kate sing to the baby (let's not forget that the duchess's bundle of joy already has its own lullaby), noting that when she sings to her son, "he calms down and stares at me like he's in love, which makes me feel amazing—or he's just trying to tell me to shut the hell up because I can't sing."

"I have no doubt that you will be an amazing mom," Snooki concludes, "but talking to other moms helps, especially being a new mommy. I think we can now add Goddess to your list of titles."

This isn't the first time the pint-size new mom offered to lend Middleton some parenting advice.

After the royal pregnancy was first announced, Snooki took it upon herself to give Kate some helpful tips during an interview with the New York Daily News.

"It's hard, but don't stress out! Enjoy your pregnancy and be excited. Enjoy your time at home—or the castle, in her case—with the baby. Especially the first few months," she said, adding that a Boppy pillow is a must-have if the duchess chooses to breastfeed.

Middleton is expected to give birth any day now (her official due date is July 14).

Once she goes into labor, she will be rushed off St. Mary's Hospital in London's Paddington district. William is planning to take two weeks of paid paternity leave from his day job as Royal Air Force hero, but should his wife go into labor early and he is still on duty, a helicopter will be at the ready to whisk him to London.

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