Kanye West

Claire Bloom/Malibu Red

This just in: That "Black Skinhead" music video you watched yesterday was not meant to be seen...yet.

Kanye West's latest creation was reportedly posted on his website, but quickly taken down and replaced with a large photo of denim jeans to promote his collaboration with French brand APC for a men's collection. However, multiple media outlets were still able to get their hands on the leaked version, which made Yeezy an unhappy camper.

"The BLKKK SKKKN HD video that leaked yesterday was not the official version," West tweeted today.

"Me and Nick Knight have been working on this video for 5 months and for creatives it's heartbreaking when something like this happens," he continued.

"The final version will be ready within the next week...So any website that may have the unapproved / unfinished ruff. I ask you to please take it down...Allow me and Nick to give the world what we've been losing sleep over."

Oh, and one final message: "And to who ever leaked the video… F--K YOU!"

The version that was published to the public yesterday featured an entirely animated video in black and white, with a computerized Kanye doing his famous jump-in-place dance move while at some point turning into some sort of mutant. And that was pretty much the gist of it.

Hearing that this was the rough cut may be a relief to some people, since the video was a little underwhelming (besides that nanosecond when his CGI manhood made an appearance) and didn't seem to deliver as much as his previous work.

Can't wait to see the final product!

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