Willow Smith's "Summer Fling" Video Is Full of Fake Accents, Dancing & Young Love—Watch Now!

Check out her latest release and tell us what you think!

By Bruna Nessif Jul 09, 2013 2:29 AMTags

Willow Smith has gone from whippin' her hair back and forth to just swaying it side to side.

The 12-year-old celebuspawn has returned to the music scene as Melodic Chaotic, a collaboration with DJ MVSIC Fabrega, after debuting their latest track "Summer Fling" and a music video to go along with it.

The song itself has a great melody and catchy hook, which will undoubtedly have you singing under your breath without even realizing it (not to mention mimicking Smith's fake British accent that she decided to include), but the actual video may have taken all of the attention from the song.

First of all, the man who plays Willow's love interest—or "fling" in this case—seems a bit too old for the young star, which instantly leads to the question of what Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have to say about this (fake) love affair.

Willow also shows off an interesting hairstyle (which, granted, is kinda her thing), showing off a blond 'do with blunt bangs that almost resembled a mullet, except it's a party in the front and the back. There's really no "business" portion with that look.

There are also some fun surprises, like her brother (and birthday boy!) Jaden Smith making a cute cameo in the video, while partying with a bunch of young teenagers who were enjoying the summer by hanging poolside and dancing around (with an American flag, in Willow's case).

Here's the bottom line: You will watch this video more than once and this song will probably make it to your summer mix playlist, whether you want to admit it or not.

Check out the video for "Summer Fling" and tell us what you think!

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