Danny Glover, Community


How could Troy do this to Abed?!

Donald Glover is returning to NBC's Community on a part-time basis for season five, E! News confirms. "It's Donald's choice," a source on the show tells us. "He loves the show but he also wants to focus on other aspects of his career."

Vulture, who first reported the news of his new schedule load, cites Glover's commitment to Childish Gambino, aka his music career, as the reason for his pulling back on episodes. How far is he pulling back? He'll reportedly only appear in five episodes of the 13 ordered by NBC. According to our brains that can't do math that well, that's less than half of the season.

According to insiders, Glover might not have been a part of season five at all if not for the return of original creator and showrunner Dan Harmon. We are told that several cast members lobbied to get Harmon back at the helm of the show after a season-long absence.

A rep for the studio, Sony, tells us the Vulture report "is not confirmed." Glover's reps have yet to respond to request for comment.

Human Beings, how are we feeling about the limited Troy-ness we'll be getting in season five?

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family).

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