Desiree, The Bachelorette

Quick, call the wah-mbulance, ‘cause everyone is getting weepy on The Bachelorette!

In tonight's episode, Desiree Hartsock breaks down and cries "I want to go home!" and we see some of the guys choke up too. It is sure to be dramatic—but perhaps not for the reason the promo leads us to believe.

The teaser makes it seem as though Desiree is head-over-heels in love with someone—we even hear her telling host Chris Harrison "I love this man"—but Bachelorette insiders tell us that Desiree actually wanted to leave the show because "most of the guys just weren't all that great or trust-worthy" and she "had an incredibly hard time trusting them."

Says one source: "[Desiree] started to question if she could find a happy ending through the show."

And really, who can blame her? Onscreen, we have already seen plenty of super-sketchy deal breakers from the guys: Brian's girlfriend drama, Bryden's voluntary exit, Ben's odd behavior and James' campaign (and then questionable denial) to become the next Bachelor. Then, in an exclusive sneak peek, we showed you that Brooks had questions about whether he wanted to introduce Desiree to his family. (That's kind of the way the show works, guy!)

Another issue? Sources also tell us that behind the scenes, many of the guys were much more interested in themselves, and in particular, their bodies, and how they looked on camera, than in any kind of real connection with Desiree. "They kept talking about what they were eating and how much protein and what kind of workouts they were doing," says one source. "Pretty unattractive…to any girl!"

So when Desiree pronounced that she "always falls for the wrong guys," is that what the casting people actually sought out for this show? Sort of seems like it, right?

Host Chris Harrison told us that Desiree did struggle to narrow down her field of guys, saying, "I found with Des more than anybody that it was hard to find out who her front-runners were. I knew she liked some of the guys but it was really hard to tell who she really falling for. It took a while before she really zeroed in on certain people, and then when she did, it was still, like several guys."

Harrison adds,  "She really just very much kept an open mind, very much compartmentalized every date. She was able to keep everybody separate and different as if their date was the only one she had and they were the only person there. It just really made it interesting trying to figure her out."

Tonight, Desiree hits the island of Madeira with the remaining five guys: Drew, Brooks, Chris, Zak and Michael. And next week, it's back to the U.S. with the final four, to meet the families. And we're guessing, more tears.

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