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Make no mistake about it, Zac Posen knows style!

In addition to designing his own wildly successful lines, the fashion guru has helped shape burgeoning designers' careers as a judge on Project Runway, and launched a series of collaborations that keep him oh-so-busy throughout the year.

Just last month, he revealed he's created a line of affordable wedding dresses for David's Bridal, and not too long before that, he put his creative genius to use in designing a show stopping gold dress for Magnum gold ice cream bar.

"The dress that we made was 24-karat gold," Posen told us when we recently caught up with him. "It is priceless, it was really hand-crafted with a lot of love, with a lot of glamor. We wanted something that was sexy, that sort of went, like if you took Hollywood to the sun."

 Leave it to Posen to interpret a decadent dessert into an even more decadent outfit!

And since he has an eye for all things fabulous, we just had to get him to share his latest obsessions.

Here's what he had to say:

What are your favorite fashion items right now?
My favorite fashion item comes from our ZAC Zac Posen collection. And it's the Lauren mini-crossbody. It's a bag. It has amazing, clean, futuristic hardware, and then [it has] really neutral, earthy colors. It has a python-like texture. It's also at an amazing price point and looks so expensive at $295 retail.

What are your go-to grooming products?
I'm so simple. I'm pretty easy-peasy on this stuff. I take salt baths.

Was that a tip from someone?
It was actually from a holistic healer. From a holistic acupuncturist, because I travel so much. And he said you need to recalibrate when you get onto another continent after flying from radiation from airplanes. But then I figure I work in New York so there must be radiation everywhere. I alternate between sea salt and Epsom salt. And it helps me de-stress and relax. It's also for a red carpet trick—it's a great way to shed some water weight, last minute. It's a good way—for when you're drinking lots of water—to sort of de-puff.

What are your favorite restaurants?
I love En Japanese Brasserie. I'm a nostalgic person. If I could live in the restaurants in the show Mad Men, I would. I like the Four Seasons and I like La Grenouille.

And your favorite dish?
I love steak tartar, I eat that everywhere. And I cook a lot at home. I love great produce. I'm like a produce fanatic. I love green markets. I love the markets in LA.

What's on your iPod?
Daft Punk. So addictive! I actually have a great item that would be great in LA—like [for] anybody who has a larger bathroom than a New York City bathroom—that I got for my birthday at Restoration Hardware and it's a non-electric gramophone. It is so cool. You can put your iPod in it and just by the horn-shape and the size and the scale it projects the music to the right sound quality—not super loud, which I think would be great for a bathroom. I think it's a great decorative, vintage-y thing. Or you can have your Sally Bowles Cabaret moment in your bathroom, in the bathtub.

The more crackly the recording the even cooler it sounds. It has that amazing sort of muffled echo tone. I listen to my Daft Punk on that. When I need it turned up then I put my headphones on.

What gadgets or apps are you obsessed with?
I love my Instagram: Zac_Posen. It's my growing community. I love my followers, I'm interactive with my followers, and I incorporate everything from the behind-the-scenes look at my creative process, to the food I'm cooking, to cookies I'm baking, to my three supermodel dogs.

I love my instagram, I like my Instasize, I love 8 millimeter, I like my New York Times app. I try to keep it simple-ish. It's good that I don't play games on there.

Who's your celebrity style crush?
"I like how Ryan Gosling dresses on the red carpet. I like how Michelle Williams dresses on the red carpet. I like that [Williams' style] is soft. I like that it's like her own thing. I like how Tilda Swinton dresses. I like how Uma Thurman dresses. Uma's iconic.

I like people that enjoy inspiring the public to dream. Because that's our role. There's great seriousness to the arts, to creativity and to fashion, but at the end of the day we're all here to bring entertainment and happiness. And inspiration. And to go for it. There's certain people that really get that. That understand the role culturally. Like Sarah Jessica Parker. She alway takes effort to give it—because it gives inspiration for people to dream and that's the purpose of film and entertainment. It's to learn, to teach, to transport yourself for a minute."

What are your favorite television shows?
I love Mad Men. I love Project Runway, obviously. I love the show called How It's Made, where they go into assembly lines, factories, and show every component of it. I love Game of Thrones, I love Veep, I think Veep is phenomenal. I love The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert makes me happy, I think he's so funny. I love The Soup. I'm a diehard Soup fan. 

Do you do any reality TV or have any guilty pleasure shows?
I watch Girls. Girls I adore. You try to go from Maison du Chocolat to M&M…high to low.

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