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Jay-Z took part in a rare Twitter Q&A this morning and dished about everything from Beyoncé to his favorite treat as a little kid.

Oh, and Miley Cyrus, too. Hova got his tweet on and answered tons of questions from adoring fans for over an hour.

Here are the best things we've learned from the rap icon today:

1. He's got a sense of humor! Jay used the hashtag #mylaugh at the end of his tweets to fans. His famous giggle has been featured on many of his most popular tracks. The hashtag even became a worldwide trend as the day went on.

2. Beyoncé was impressed. When asked what Queen Bey said when she first heard Hov's entire Magna Carta Holy Grail album he responded, "'Doing all sorts of twisted sh-t with your fingers' #mylaugh"

3. This isn't his last album, despite rumors. Jigga cleared the air when a fan asked if MCHG was his final album by saying, "I tried that before, I wasn't so good at it. #mylaugh"

4. He's got an emotional side. Jay-Z revealed his softer side when answering whether or not he would have had the late Notorious B.I.G. appear on his album if he was still alive. The two rappers were extremely close before Biggie's death. He replied, "Are you going for tears???? Wow.oh, sorry, absolutely."

5. He's particular about his cereal. When asked what his favorite cereal was, Jay confessed, "cap'n crunch growing up. I haven't had cereal in a bit #factsonly." He later clarified that he enjoyed "crunch berries," specifically.

6. He's got Miley Cyrus' back. Jay supported the former Disney star's twerking, saying, "she represents an old world's worst nightmare" and adding "Black neighbor, and the daughter not seeing color." He gave props to Cyrus' latest dance craze and crossover into a much more risqué style than some of her fans are used to.

The rapper also spoke about his favorite releases from his own music career, claiming that Reasonable Doubt was his "best work" followed by The Blueprint and The Black Album.

He also joked about one of his most popular hits "99 Problems" when a fan asked "Do you still have 99 problems or have they all been sorted?"

"#newrules new problems," he wrote in response.

It looks like he's getting familiar with Twitter and even closer to his fans!

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