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It looks like nobody's looks are safe from being judged by Amanda Bynes. Not even the President of the United States and the first lady.

"Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!" the former Nickelodeon star tweeted on Monday morning.

While it's not clear what prompted the remark, it is just the latest in a string of "ugly" slams made by the 27-year-old on Twitter.

A little over a week ago, Bynes called Zac Efron "ugly," just hours after she said the same thing about her sister, Jillian.

Those disses came on the heels of Bynes telling actor Matt Prokop that his girlfriend, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, "has an ugly face like you" after he encouraged the She's the Man actress to "look in a mirror...Stop getting work done. Save what's left."

Bynes also called American Pie star Jason Biggs "ugly" when he wrote her asking, "Are you having a stroke?"

Even Bynes' father hasn't been able to escape the criticism, publicly insulting him after her arrest.

"My dad is ugly as RuPaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both!" she tweeted.

Bynes, of course, also repeatedly called Drake "ugly" before later apologizing to him. Heck, she even ended up insisting the guy is "gorgeous."

Meanwhile, a few of Bynes' former friends and costars, including Lance Bass, have reached out to the actress in light of her recent behavior, but their comments seem to only upset the actress and prompted her to tweet even more.

"I ignored Lance Bass on twitter and now he is saying I have a mental illness. Sorry you're an ugly ex boy band member w/ no talent or career," she tweeted after Bass said he was "scared" for Bynes. "I haven't spoken to Lance Bass in 11 years. To say I have a mental illness out of nowhere makes me lash out! You're making me crazy!"

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