Prince Harry Shirtless Photo Used in Ad for Gay Bar—Check It Out!

Young royal has his head Photoshopped onto a buff body for posters at London's Manbar

By Lily Harrison Jul 05, 2013 3:36 PMTags
Prince Harry, Shirtless, ManbarFameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

The Queen should shield her eyes!

Posters featuring a shirtless (and buff) Prince Harry have been proudly on display at a London gay bar dubbed Manbar.

The controversial (and clearly Photoshopped) posters have the young royal promoting drink specials and even pride weekend activities.

Manbar has boasted that they were voted the "best new venue in London," and apparently Prince Harry is the poster boy for the happening hot spot.

The poster mockups were created by an artist named Mike Bliss, and were inspired by Harry's shirtless rugby game in Afghanistan back in 2008.

No word yet on whether Prince William's brother has seen the ads.

One thing's certain, however: The redhead is still England's most eligible bachelor despite dating 24-year-old Cressida Bonas.

Harry was recently spotted attending the Glastonbury music festival last week with the blond beauty.

So just how did the lovely Bonas meet with the 28-year-old royal?

"They met through [Princess] Eugenie, who is friends with Cressida," a source told E! News back when word first surfaced that the two were dating. "Cressida is really smart, very naturally pretty and just a really cool girl to hang out with. It's hard for Harry to date as there are so many opportunities out there, but Cressida is someone he knows he can trust as she is already in his circle. She's already passed the test of being discreet."

Or at least, as discreet as one can possibly be while dating a prince.

The couple first set tongues wagging in July, when they spent some cozy one-on-one time together after The Dark Knight Rises premiere, partying together (and with friends) at a club in London.

And it appears that Bonas seems to have all the requisite credentials (and noble lineage) for spending quality time with the party prince.

Her mother is one-time '60s It Girl Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon. Cressida is also the half-sister of actress Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, someone whom (awkward alert) the British tabloids have taken great delight in reporting was a bit of an unrequited crush of Prince William's back in the pre-Kate Middleton day. She's currently engaged to Richard Branson's son Sam, another member of the royal fold.

Seems like a match made in royal heaven!