Molly Sims, Home

Molly Sims helped turn her Beverly Hills house into a home—even though it technically wasn't hers when she started working on it.

The actress and model called upon interior designer Kishani Perera back in 2010 when she was dating her now husband, Scott Stuber, to help spruce up his pad. 

"We designed it with the idea that maybe she might move in one day," Perera told Domaine about working on Stuber's space back before the couple wed in September 2011. 

"In the beginning it was like: make it really masculine!" Sims recalls of the initial plans for the interior. "And then halfway through: maybe not so masculine!"

So, what exactly did a feminine touch bring to the traditional colonial house? For starters, a pop of color!

Molly Sims, Home

"The whole house was beige, except for a red leather-paneled bathroom that looked like somewhere people do cocaine," Sims jokingly recalled. 

But Perera swiftly came to a happy medium with the neutral color-loving Stuber, whom she convinced to spice up the place by introducing taupes and grays, and—most importantly!—vibrant accent hues. Lively, multi-colored pillows, for instance, dot couches in sitting areas, while the kitchen bursts with color, thanks to bright red stools, green Christopher Darr drapes and eye-catching turquoise table decor. 

And speaking of decor, the couple has made sure to style their abode with an impressive art collection that dots the walls. Guests of their California cool love nest will find works such as a Paul Auster portrait by Samuel Messler, as well as a sleek black-and-white Arthur Elgor piece.

Molly Sims, Home

But don't think the highbrow artwork means the space feels uninviting!

"The house is filled with art, photographs and things that remind them of what they love," Perera observes. "It's very personal."

And a cozy living space was definitely important to the couple, who share the home with son Brooks, who was born last year.

"I wanted it to feel young and modern, but also lived-in and like you can have fun here," Sims explained.

And given the gorgeous setting the couple has created, we're guessing Sims, Stuber and little Brooks manage to have plenty of fun in their luxe Beverly Hills home!

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