Charlie Sheen Shows Off Adorable Kids in Twitpics and a Really Big Gun in Machete Kills Poster

Actor, billed as Carlos Estevez, plays the president in the upcoming shoot-em-up sequel

By Natalie Finn Jul 03, 2013 2:21 AMTags
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We don't know how Charlie Sheen will fare playing the president of the United States in Machete Kills.

But judging by the new poster for the shoot-em-up sequel to 2010's Machete, featuring a suit-wearing Sheen—billed as "Carlos Estevez as The President" here—and a massive machine gun, he does look to have the fate of the free world in his hands.

And with a name like President Rathcock, attention must be paid.

The Robert Rodriguez-directed flick, also starring Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez, Sofia Vergara in a bullet-spraying braLady GagaMichelle RodriguezAmber HeardMel Gibson and many more stars who were obviously raring to get their camp on, blasts into theaters Oct. 4.

Until showtime, meanwhile, Sheen is having a fine time living up to his "Greatest Dad" moniker.

And, once again, he appears to have taken to Twitter to defend his offspring from nefarious forces that dare try to mess with Team Sheen.

"'If ya see a shark Hooper, Swallow!' hey M J S and B; eat this remora lose-bagz how ya like me now? hash tag win c," Sheen tweeted along with a pic of himself with his 4-year-old twins, Max and Bob. The line is from Jaws and he is seemingly sending a message.

Courtesy of Twitter

Sheen also made a day of it with his daughters, posting an Instagram pic showing him "redefining the essence of 'lean on me'" as he props an elbow on his torso-high child's head.

Isn't he just your average family man these days?