Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber's getting a little introspective these days—and for good reason.

The teen heartthrob took to Twitter on Wednesday to reflect on the unfair criticism he feels is being lobbed at him by some of the press who aren't exactly Beliebers.

"Interesting how some people in the media wanna take shots at me for no reason. all good. keeping it positive over here. all about the music," Bieber tweeted.

Perhaps to show he's not such a bad guy despite all the negative headlines he's been generating recently—from allegedly threatening a neighbor and getting booted from nightclubs for being underage to getting into altercations with paparazzi and police probing him for allegations of reckless driving—the "As Long As You Love Me" crooner couldn't resist touting his charitable side.

"We got OKC tonight. held 200 tickets for students from some of the schools recently destroyed. hope they enjoy the show," Bieber added.

By that, the 19-year-old hitmaker was referring to his show scheduled in Oklahoma City tonight in which he planned to put a smile on the face of some of the victims from last month's devastating tornado that swept through the area. The storm left at least 51 people dead, nearly half of them children from an elementary school hit by the twister. 

Bieber then offered up a fortune cookie's worth of wisdom for his fans.

"Some decisions in life arent easy...but nothing great was ever easy. be great," he declared, before giving a tip of the hat to Jesus Christ.

"In life you gotta know who you are. know your heart. love the people that love you. and be kind. be GREAT! #wwjd," he tweeted in conclusion.

While we're not sure Jesus would be posting shirtless Instagram pics, at least Justin's heart's in the right place (if not on his sleeve).

Bieber's tweets come a day after his manager, Scooter Braun, defended his young charge from critics while touting Bieber's upcoming single, "Heartbreaker," in an interview.

"We're hoping the witch hunt [is] gonna end when he really just speaks for himself in the music," he told MTV News.

We're pretty sure Jesus would agree with that.

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