House Boss David Shore: Everybody Lies, Everybody Dies, Everybody...

By Jennifer Godwin May 21, 2008 7:00 PMTags
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Hi guys! Jen here. FYI: Kristin's travelling for the next couple of weeks, so I'll be your televisual cruise director for the time being.

Anyway, I thought Monday's House finale was maybe the best finale we've seen so far this season, and easily one of House's best finales ever (I blame Cutthroat Bitch, aka Anne Dudek).

The implications of the episode—with all the House-Amber-Wilson-Cuddy craziness, and the Thirteen and Kutner reveals—seem like they might be, well, significant going forward, so I emailed House show runner David Shore to get a little clarity on what's to come.

Click in for David's answers to my Q's about the House-Wilson relationship, the significance of the cast population explosion and his take on what the show is about. Warning: Shore is sarcastic and funny, just like you know who...

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Did House kill Amber last night, or did 0he save her, and what does Wilson think happened? What's this going to do to House and Wilson's relationship?
I have a long answer to that question. It premieres Sept. 2, 2008.

This finale seemed so personal, with the reveals about Thirteen and Kutner and the ways that House, Wilson, Cuddy and Amber were relating to each other. Is this the beginning of a shift in the series or was that something specific to this episode?
One of the things I love about this show is how we can do such radical departures from our normal episodes.  But for them to be departures, there has to be a norm.'ll see more of these more personal episodes, but the series has not changed.  

Robert Sean Leonard said to me at the Fox upfronts that he thinks it's odd that no one ever uses Wilson or Cameron's first names (James and Allison) on the show. Is there a specific intent in that name choice, or did it just kind of fall out that way?
Once this last name thing started, we just couldn't go back. When they do call each other by their first names, it sounds odd.  And anything that sounds odd, sounds like it has some meaning. Which is good—when it's supposed to have some meaning. So it does happen, but only when it's saying something.

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Forgive me if you answer this Q once a week, but what is the show House about? Is it about logic and atheism, or is it about a mad scientist, or is it about Jesse Spencer being totally hot? What's your sense of the mission or theme of the show?
Anytime you try to summarize a show in one word, you sound like an ass. It's about truth.

How do you feel about the size of the cast at this point? They are all irreplaceably awesome, but do you worry that having nine regulars (give or take) spreads the storylines too thin?
Yes. It scares the hell out of me. But it also opens up so many more opportunities to us.

Complete this pattern: Everybody lies, everybody dies, everybody...
Shplies. That's a word I just made up that means "wants more, but there isn't always more."