DJ Drama, Brandon T. Jackson, J Cole

Jason Merritt, Allen Berezovsky/BET/Getty Images

What? How?! Why??? We're rarely speechless, so mark this moment down in the fashion history books. 

In the most inexplicable fashion news off the very busy BET red carpet, DJ Drama, Brandon T. Jackson and J. Cole all wore the same Versace top. And, not to state the obvious, it's a gold and black baroque pattern, long-sleeved sweater. 

Let's put aside the fact that a DJ, a hip hop artist and a Jackson all thought it was a good idea to wear a heavy wool in a L.A. heat wave. We're also willing to forget the fact that all three of them are wearing it with a gold chain necklace (the '90s are over fellas), black, fitted jeans and black shoes (arguably the only good part of the look).

How did three men let alone one man select that sweater?! This will officially go down as one of the greatest mysteries of the fashion universe, unless it was all some hysterical stylist prank.

In that case, it will go down in a much better history book...

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