Mariah Carey Caught Lip-Syncing Again at BET Awards? Hubby Nick Cannon Says "Everything You See Is All Her"

Mimi's man brags on the red carpet about his missus' performance just before she's hit with another round of faux-singing allegations

By Josh Grossberg Jul 01, 2013 1:09 PMTags
Watch: Nick Cannon Brags About Mariah's Music

Mariah Carey may be experiencing a little déjà vu right about now.

A little more than a month after she denied lip-syncing a medley of greatest hits on the American Idol finale, Twitter lit up with fresh accusations from viewers that the songstress lip-synced her hit "Beautiful" at Sunday night's BET Music Awards.

But before she took the stage, E! News spoke to Carey's hubby, Nick Cannon, on the red carpet, and he offered no indication at all whether Mariah would be singing to a background track during her performance alongside singer Miguel and rapper Young Jeezy (something that's not uncommon, by the way, at big award shows). Instead, he couldn't resist boasting about what his wife had in store for her fans.

"My wife is a perfectionist and clearly because she's done it right all her life. So she actually puts a lot of work into these performances," Cannon told us. "There's no management helping make decisions. Everything you see is all her, whether it's a collaboration when the lights hit, how she enters, she's doing all of that."

Cannon acknowledged that he didn't see the rehearsal because he didn't want to put any "extra pressure" on his wife." But when asked whether Carey had anything extra in the way of surprises, he clearly wasn't thinking another lip-syncing controversy.

"You might get a little extra, you might get a little something," the America's Got Talent host teased. "You're gonna see somethin' happen. It's gonna be totally different. She's gonna turn it up. It's gonna be the club up in here."

A rep for Mariah was unavailable to comment on the latest brouhaha. But take a look at her rendition below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

—Reporting by Liz Hernandez

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