Lady Gaga is continuing her celebration of the Supreme Court's dismissal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

After tweeting her excitement over the DOMA ruling Wednesday, the pop superstar couldn't help but express her emotion again when she attended the New York City Gay Pride Parade's Kickoff Rally Friday night.  

"As my LGBT fans and friends always said to me, I knew Lady Gaga when…well look who the star is now," Gaga said to the crowd, before singing the National Anthem.

"Now, I get to say that I knew you when. Now I get to say I knew you when you suffered, when you felt unequal, when you felt there was nothing to look forward to. I knew you then, and I knew you when, but I really know you now."

In one of her first public appearances since recovering from hip surgery, Lady Gaga wore a black strip over her eyes, sported a black sleeveless dress, and carried a rainbow colored flag in her hand. 

Lady Gaga isn't the only star who spoke out in support of the DOMA ruling, though.

Ben Affleck, Demi Lovato and Lena Dunham were just a few of the celebs who hit Twitter to celebrate the strike-down as well. 

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