Should we be concerned about all the headlines surrounding Justin Bieber? The members of New Kids On The Block sure don't think so.

"We don't know how many stories are exaggerated," Jordin Knight told E! News before the group's concert in Michigan. "Don't listen to the hype of the media."

It's good advice from the '80s boy band that has plenty of experience in the industry. The band members responsible for huge hits including "Step by Step," "Remix" and "The Right Stuff" admit growing up at Bieber's age wasn't always easy.

"When I think of what I did when I was 19 or 20…I made some mistakes and I think we all have," Joey McIntyre said. "Unfortunately for some people, they have to live it all over the world or all over the internet."

"You kind of feel for the kid," McIntyre went on to say. "He's probably making some mistakes but hopefully he will get through it and realize there is more to life than playing arenas."

Despite the media attention and spotlight on their lives, Knight admits it's easy for young stars like Bieber to forget about what matters most. "Just be you, have fun," he said. "Have fun would be the main thing."

Even though the guys have plenty of fun performing in packed venues filled with screaming fans (get your tickets here!), McIntyre has a side hobby of running that keeps him feeling (and looking) good. Recently, the Massachusetts native ran the Boston Marathon and finished the race minutes before the bombing tragedy.

"I finished 10 minutes before it happened," McIntyre recalled. "I know we are going to be a part of [the next marathon] someway. Whether we are running here or there or being a part of the celebration, we'll figure it out."

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