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If you like your Destiny's Child spread out in small doses, we have good news for you!

If you and your friends—surely you're the Beyoncé of the group, making the others your Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams—have been itching to bust out your matching camo outfits at a full blown D.C. reunion, the news isn't so great.

Bey and Michelle were recently featured on a track on Kelly's new album, Talk a Good Game. The song is called "You Changed" and kicks off with Kelly asking, "Ladies, you wanna do it again?" So here's the good news: There might be more where that came from.

"That's a good question," Michelle told us at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards when we asked if she might have the girl appear on her upcoming album next. "I have something that I might want them to hop onto."

For the album—which Michelle describes as "urban inspirational"—she is "still recording a couple more songs. I could turn the album is as it is, but I want to do two or three more songs, just to round it out a little more."

That's as far as the Destiny's Child reunion love goes. Here's the bad news:

We asked if these mini-reunions might lead to a bigger project for the trio and Michelle hesitantly replied, "I don't know, to be honest. We honestly don't talk about that, to be honest."

She continued, "We hang out with each other all the time—I was with Beyoncé last night—but we never talk [about a reunion]. We'll play each other our new music, but we never say, ‘What do you think about, you know, getting together for something else?' That's something we never discuss."

Or so we're told. Remember, this is the same woman who claimed she wasn't performing with Beyoncé at the Super Bowl because she was appearing in the Broadway show Fela! She did perform at the Super Bowl. A Destiny's Child album could drop next week for all we know.

Besides Beyoncé and Kelly, Michelle teased a few more surprises set for her album: "I had some people do some collaborations with me that people are going to be very, very, very, very surprised about. Now if legalities work and politics don't get in the way, y'all are going to be very shocked at who I worked with."

When pressed, she coyly revealed that it's a rapper. "But that's all I'll say. If I say anything else, you'll know who it is."

Listen to Michelle's new single, "If We Had Your Eyes":

Or you can go listen to Beyoncé's new song again. "You and me, we're standing on the sun..."

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