Pippa Middlton


Pippa Middleton showed off a cheekier side of herself in her latest diary entry for The Spectator.

The article has the future aunt of the royal baby discussing everything from why she really wears oversize sunglasses to why she prefers male tennis athletes (and no, it's not why you think).

Kate Middleton's sis began with addressing who she believes will take the trophy at Wimbledon this year and then humbly says that those tennis stars will probably not win because she's jinxed them.

The 29-year-old also spoke on the sometimes-debated topic of grunting on the tennis courts. Also, Pippa says she prefers "watching the men to the women," but offers up a valid explanation as to why.

"I don't hate my own sex or anything; I just can't stomach the women players' shrieking," she wrote.

"There are male grunters, it should be said…but they have a lower pitch so it's not too offputting. The shriekers, by contrast, howl so loudly that they make it hard for the audience to focus on the tennis."

Pippa called out Maria Sharapova, the Williams sisters (specifically Serena) and Victoria Azarenka for having the loudest grunts of the game.

But her issue with the noise comes from a past experience that left her particularly irked by shrill tennis cries for a long time.

"I remember playing a bad screamer in county tennis. Her relentless noise turned her into a sort of androgynous warrior on the other side of the net, which terrified me," she said. "She won. I've had it in for shriekers ever since."

What's all this tennis spectating talk without any mention of a boozy beverage? Don't worry, everyone, Pippa's got that covered too.

The brunette beauty revealed that her beverage of choice for the occasion is none other than a pint of Pimm's. In fact, she calls it "absolutely delicious, essential drinking in fact."

"I try to smuggle mine under my chair and sip it when the cameras aren't on me," she admitted.

And what's one helpful tip that Pippa offers to those who may have enjoyed too many drinks?

"Oversized sunglasses help the disguise, and mean I can nod off unnoticed after one too many Pimm's in the sun."

Now we'll know what she's up to the next time we see her sporting glamorous sunnies courtside!

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