Prince Harry

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You know that crazy uncle in everyone's family?

Well, for Prince George, that crazy uncle just happens to be Prince Harry.

The redheaded royal—who is now fourth in line to the throne—met the wee HRH Prince of Cambridge Tuesday evening at Kensington Palace and couldn't but gush over his nephew while on a visit to a photographic exhibition in London documenting the work of his charity Sentebale. 

"Well he's about that long and about that wide," Harry quipped when asked for his initial impression of Prince William and Kate Middleton's son. "When I saw him he was crying his eyes out like all babies do I suppose, but it's fantastic to have an addition to the family."

"I hope my brother knows how expensive my babysitting charges are," he playfully added. 

As for what Harry hopes to teach the little one in his first 20 years of life?

"To make sure he has a good upbringing, to keep him out of harm's way to make sure he has fun," he said. "The rest of it I will leave to the parents."

What a lucky little prince! Here are 12 more reasons why Harry is going to be the best uncle ever:  

Prince Harry, Teddy Bear

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1. He Has a Kind Heart: First and foremost, Harry's a stand-up guy who's never let his royal roots go to his head. Whether he's stopping by a pub for a quick bite to eat, defending a fellow soldier or playing baseball with kids in Harlem, folks have nothing but nice things to say about the handsome royal. Heck, even said the prince has a "beautiful heart and great upbringing" and "makes you believe that your family is royalty as well." And no doubt he'll pass on his warmhearted demeanor to his darling nephew.

Prince Harry


2. He's a Pro With an Apache Helicopter: Sometimes parents simply aren't that cool (even when they're Will and Kate!), and that's when Uncle Harry steps in. The royal can pull off some seriously impressive helicopter stunts he picked up during his days of army training and combat. He recently wowed spectators with an airshow in England, and we don't think he'd have any problem firing up the jets to show off his skills for his nephew and his friends. That's bound to give little George some elementary school street cred!

Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas

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3. He's a Ladies' Man: It's no secret the ladies love Harry, and once the little prince starts dating, he can turn to his uncle for advice on women. The redheaded royal has romanced some of London's most beautiful women, and he clearly knows how to sweep a girl off her feet. Surely, Prince George will have no trouble transforming into a real-life Prince Charming, just like his uncle Harry!

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry

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4. He's a Solid Polo Player: If Will and Kate's little one ever decides to take up the sport, he has a fabulous teacher at his fingertips. Harry's consistently impressed with his skills on the polo field, while also causing fans to freak out over his undeniable charm. He's also a first-class teammate, who once rushed to the rescue of an unconscious player during a polo match. So if the future King of England ever falls off his horse, his uncle definitely has his back. 

Prince Harry

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5. He's Charitable: Harry's embarked on countless charity trips and he'll surely teach his nephew his do-gooding ways. He's danced with deaf and blind children in Lesotho, opened a rehab center for British troops and visited South Africa on behalf of his charity Sentebale, which helps support vulnerable children and youth living with HIV/AIDS. He's also a patron for the Walking With the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge, a 208-mile trek to the South Pole in which he plans to participate.

Prince Harry, Prince William

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6. He's Already a Great Sibling: Will and Harry have always stuck together, and the redheaded royal has been nothing but a supportive brother. He couldn't help but express his excitement over Middleton's pregnancy, and Prince William even broke tradition when he asked Harry to be best man at his wedding. The 28-year-old royal was by his older brother's side when he said "I do" to Kate, and it's clear he's incredibly loyal to his family.

Prince Harry

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7. He Knows the Royal Ropes: Typically, mother knows best, but when it comes to being royal, Harry has far more experience than Kate. He's grown up in the spotlight and knows how it feels to have his every move play out in the public eye. Of course, Prince William is equally as experienced, but sometimes it just feels better to get advice from someone who isn't your parent, right?

Prince Harry

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8. He'll Take the Blame If You Misbehave: If the little one's ever feeling mischievous, we presume Prince Harry won't object (in fact, he'd probably lend his support). He's known for playing pranks on his friends and he's never afraid to show off his silly side. Plus, he's used to getting into trouble from time to time, so we have a feeling he won't mind taking the heat if his nephew is caught engaging in a bit of naughty behavior.

Prince Harry

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9. He Knows How to Have Fun: It's no secret Harry's the most rambunctious of the royal bunch, and he's always down to have a good time. Whether he's trying out American football for the first time or playing ping-pong with his pals, Harry's always the life of the party—and who doesn't want an uncle like that?! 

Prince Charles, Prince Harry

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10. He's Full of Good Bedtime Stories: At just 28 years old, Harry's already traveled around the world, and we're sure he has some wonderful stories to share. From America to South Africa to Afghanistan, Harry's bound to excite Prince George with tales from his facinating life. Perhaps he could record a podcast so we can all listen in?

Prince Harry

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11. He's a Good Dancer: Harry's not afraid to bust a move wherever he may be, displaying his dancing skills all across the globe. He adorably danced with children in Lesotho and he reportedly broke out into the Harlem Shake at a recent bachelor party. Now let's get a pic of Harry twirling with the royal baby, please! 

Prince Harry


12. He'll Take You to Vegas: Enough said

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